Tour features


Sparkville Residence

Residence in Exclusivity for School Trips in an Authentic Spanish Town!

Located just outside the centre of El Puerto de Santa Maria, in a quiet and safe street. The rooms of the residence are situated on the second floor above the academy, the  residence has a capacity of up to 55 students and 7 teachers. It has a spacious dinning area, its own small kitchen for cooking classes and a walk on the roof which is perfect for BBQ´s  any group activities, and enjoy the Spanish sunshine when is not too hot. The good thing is that part of the roof is covered over allowing students to do activities, eat or just chill outside protected from the sun on hot days . The building is fully audited for group travel, providing extra peace of mind for a safe stay.

There is a air conditioning unit in each room. During the group travel stays, a Spanish chaperone lives in the residence to organize activities , encourage the use of the Spanish and sort out any problems that may occur.

Star features

  • Available in Exclusivity
  • Full Audited
  • Capacity of 55 kids and 7 teachers
  • No transport to school needed
  • Close to centre and beach
  • Chaperone 24/7
  • Air conditioning in bedrooms +classrooms
  • Huge Roof top with covered area
  • Game area

Family Stay in an Authentic Spanish Town!

We are connected to many families that offer places for students to stay during their trip in El Puerto. All hosting families we are in contact with would have a child of approximately the same age as the student(s) being hosted.  Nearly all our families have been working with us for years, and 95% of the homestay families send their own children to our language academies or bilingual school, giving the whole experience a genuine family feeling.

We find a welcoming local homestay family with a double room , which will be shared with another student from the same group ( it is also possible to get individual romos for an additional Price), usually the bathroom facilities are shared with other members of the families. This is obviously the best way to make the students practise their newly acquired language skills as much as possible as these families usually don’t speak English, or if they do, they have been notified that one of their goals is to always speak in Spanish with the students. All the families we are in contact with live very closet o our academy and are in very good central locations so there is no need to worry to getting around.

Star features

  • Excellent Spanish experience
  • Vetted families
  • Contact with Spanish children
  • Closet o centre and beach
  • Spanish lifestyle

Log Cabins in Mountain Village

For a school or group looking for something a bit different, our ranch venue in Prado del Rey offers just that. Prado del Rey is one of the famous  “ pueblos blancos”, white villages , and the venue is located about 10 mins walk from Prado del Rey, and authentic Spanish village. The venue  can cater for large groups having 15 cabins and also some hotel independent romos for teachers.

Star features:

  • Full Audited
  • Capacity for up to 90
  • Great for year group
  • Perfect to combine with sport activities
  • In an authentic Spanish village
  • Chaperone 24/7

Log Cabins Accommodation

El Puerto de Santa María has kilometers of amazing beaches that are just made for watching sunsets and falling asleep under the stars. If you would like to take your school group on an educational yet adventure trip, then our log cabins option as accommodation is the perfect idea !

The accommodation option will suit a tour that includes many sport activities and easy to combine with an afternoon on the beach !

Our academy has close contact with several log cabins located nearby the school and can support you on any level of arrangement. If you prefer further information about the accommodation option or would like to know which log cabin we recommend, please ask for more information below.

Star features

  • Fully Audited
  • Capacity for up to 200
  • Great for year groups
  • Perfect to combine with sport activities
  • In an authentic Spanish town
  • Chaperone 24/7

Support and Services

Our Academy

Our academy is located on the groud floor of the residence. So if you choose a tour that include accommodation in the residence, the student will have their Spanish lessons in the same building. This will be a benefit because the students will not have to walk/travel to the school.  The academy consists of several classrooms, a reception, and a genarl hall where students can gather and do activities.

Spanish Classes

We offer the opportunity to learn Spanish at our academy through fun and interactive classes which are specifically designed for school groups. All these classes are taught in Spanish by qualified native teachers of the language and there is a maximum of 12 students per group, which guarantees a rapid development of the language skills and communicative ability, Moreover our school group classes offer the opportunity for children to not only learn Spanish but also gain a valuable cultural knowledge and of course a great time.!

We offer 4 types of classes for our school group programme and you can choose the teaching hours.

  1. General English: A mixer of all, with classes catered to your desire.
  2. CLIL ( Content and Language Integrated Learning ): Classes focused on a specific aspect of the language, common ones we have done have been Spanish/Andalusian culture.
  3. Total Spanish: Classes purely conversational to progress the spoken level as quickly as possible, all activities will be completely done in Spanish throughout this course .
  4. Exam Preparation: we can cater our classes to specifically help your students to prepare for their school exams. (this course includes A2 and AS levels )

Chaperone 24/7

We provide a 24/7 chaperone for every school group, from the moment you arrive at the airport until your departure. Besides the chaperone, the Director of Educaton is also available for any urgent questions. During the school tour there will be constant support in the case of any eventuality. The chaperone will stay at either the residence if your school chooses that option or will visit each and every host family.  OUr chaperone will lead all the excursions, city trips and activities for your group.  Our chaperone has many years of experience  and are familiar with all the tour we provide.

Risk Assessment

Health and safety are our top priority and we are experienced in providing detailed risk assessment for all parts of the trip. Our homestay  families have been vetted and residence is fully audited for group travel and each accompanying activity, from kayaking to cooking class, can be provided with the needed documentation to ensure safe organization.

You Are Welcome to Visit

When organizing a school trip to Spain you would want to make sure that you are taking your students on a safe, educational and fun trip and that you are working together with a rliavle and quality-focused language school. This is difficult to know if you have never met us in person!

We would be delighted to organize an inspection visit for a school teacher or head who is considering organizing a school trip to Spain with us.  In this way you get the opportunity to get to know our programmes, and most importantly , get to know us in person and ssee how much we really care about what we do. This provides a great way to further discuss options for a tailor-made programme.

How to Get to Us

Andalusia is well connected to the rest if the world and it is easy to get to El Puerto de Santa María once you are in Spain. There are several major airports in the area of El Puerto. For school groups we arrange airport transfers from any airport.

  • Jerez: it is the closest airport.
  • Seville : it is the next closest airport with direct flight from most major European cities.
  • Malaga: it is the biggest airport in the city.

There is also the option of flying to Madrid ( Barajas)  from where  you can take a connection flight to El Puerto or take a direct fast train from Madrid to El Puerto.

Barcelona airport can be an interesting option if you are arriving from somewhere within Europe and then take a connecting flight to Andalucia.

Eating With Us

We offer tours with full board, half board or just B&B options. We recommend choosing the full board option, which provides the school group with all needed meals throughout every day. This not only takes away the hassle from a planning perspective, but also allows for more time in the programme to spend on other activities, as from our experience an organized meal is generally a lot faster than when students have to work out their own food.

Our meals

Breakfast is served in the residence in the case of residential tours, or is provided by the host familiy for students in a homestay programme.

Lunch is a packed lunch that can be taken on the excursion , city trip or activity.

Dinner is again either served in the residence or by the host family, depending on the students’ lodgings and is generally the hot meal of the day.

*** Our meals can be adapted to dietary wishes and allergies, including vegetarin, pescatarian, vegan, lactose-intolerant, gluten-free and halal diets among others.

And remember, no visit to Spain is complete without a good tapas night out or chocolate with churros.

Tour Activities


Gain first-hand experience of local festivals- Semana Santa, Carnaval and Feria.


Try padel- a popular sport in the Spanish speaking world which is becoming more popular all over the worl.


Kayaking and saand-dune jumping at the beautiful beach at Sancti Petri!

Flamenco Class Dance

Learn how to dance flamenco with a profesional teacher.

Sherry Bodega Visits

Try a local Sherry bodega within the Sherry triangle.

Flamenco Show

Watch a live flamenco show in a tapas restaurant to experience two helpings of Spanish culture in one night.

Tapas Meals Out

Try authentic Spanish and Andalusian dishes in one of the many local tapas restaurants near us.

Paella Class

On their school tour to Spain with us, students will learn how to make their very own paella- a classic Spanish dish!

Sport Activities

Besides cultural activities and city trips, we also offer sport activities to complete your Spanish tour. A combination of Spanish classes and sports activities will provide the studetns knowledge and fun ! You can include individual sport activities to your tour or choose one of our grouped activities tol et the students experience a full day or afternoon of sport fun!

  • Water sport activities: kayaking or wind surfing.
  • Nature sport activities: cycling and hiking trips.

Besides these activities , we offer sport activities such as playing a footlball, basketball or rugby gam with the local team and practising paddle or tennis. A special option is to spend an afternoon on the beach and play educational games to combine fun with the material the students learned during Spanish class.

Cities you can visit

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