About us

Short breaks Andalusia (SBIA) is a British-run business with more than 20 years experience in the Travel Industry, specialising in organising high-quality trips abroad for the discerning client. We sincerely believe that we are offering our clients the best – learning about Spain, the language and the people through genuine integration – and not as a typical “tourist”.

Our base is Andalusia in the south of Spain where we have unrivalled experience and expertise, having lived here since the early 1990’s. We consequently provide the best possible service to our customers, in particular to those who are looking for something a little different. It is not the normal package holiday experience but more of a bespoke, tailor-made trip with much attention to detail.

As we are all language teachers our portfolio includes language trips with a variety of interesting add-ons such as Spanish cuisine, photography, birdwatching, yoga and meditation courses etc…

The language element is not however essential as we also specialise in providing excellent non-language short trips, based on discovering the real Andalusia, it’s culture, traditions and way of life, while meeting and enjoying the company of it’s wonderfully exuberant people!

Short beaks Andalusia offer you a trip like no other – where the learning experience accompanies and compliments the pure joy of travelling in a holiday you won’t forget.

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